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Growing greatness for the mind, body, and planet

Getting dirty with your people is good.



Connecting, communicating, and growing with those you work with, wherever they are bringing a fresh focus on wellness.



Aligning your culture with your customers will grow your brands equity by growing good things together.



Growing your place in the community and foster new connections wherever you are.

One platform for solutions personalized to meet you where you are

Growing good things together

Onboarding for growth

Growing a culture of connection, well-being, and resilience.

New Customers

New Customers

Creatively welcome your new customers into your community with gardens and gardening experiences that will remind them how happy you are to be growing with them.

New Tenants

New Tenants

Make a great impression on your new tenants with a gift that celebrates the planting of new roots and welcomes them to growing together. 

New Employees

New Employees

Creating a culture of connection, belonging, and purpose has never been more important or challenging. The Gardenuity onboarding solution for new employees has quickly become one of our most popular programs, with an engagement score exceeding 98%.

New Members

New Members

Everyone needs a strong foundation to thrive. When new members feel welcomed and included, their engagement and retention with your company is higher. Our proven onboarding solution for new members is creative, rewarding, and fun.

Welcome Back to the Office

Welcome Back to the Office

Reboarding your most valuable staff back to the office with some fun added greenery will have positive, long-lasting effects.


The power and fun of growing together.


Garden-inspired gifts to leave a lasting impression.

Grow & Gather Together

Corporate Holiday Gifting 2023

Seasonal Solutions

Growing greatness every season.

Your investment in wellbeing that grows lasting effects

Your typical timeline in growing with Gardenuity

Every solution is customized to fit your needs but one thing that is the same for every event, program, or workshop is how easy it is for you.

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